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CASE STUDY: Woodlands PS – Modular School, Grimsby

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First Class – Despite Little Notice, They Were Absolutely Superb

Even Though They Were Appointed Very Late, This Job Was Stress-Less For Me

Daryl Hutchings, Site Manager for Built Off-Site concedes that he appointed Shanco last minute.

“Modular projects are often last minute, and when you are working with someone like Shanco for the first time, it’s a big decision to appoint somebody new at such a late stage. Luckily, one of my managers had worked with them before so they already came recommended, and lived up to their reputation. Quite simply they were first class.”

Mick had appointed Shanco for the groundworks part of a 490-pupil Woodlands School new-build in Grimsby which had the headteacher purring “it takes my breath away” as she watched the project and then building take shape through to completion in less than 6 weeks.

“Compared to many projects, I would have to class this project as relatively stress-less and I have Shanco to thank for that.”

Proactive, Helpful And Great First Impression

“I was particularly impressed that despite their late appointment, they were super-organised, with their machinery and site office in position before the commencement. That relaxed me immediately, knowing they were instantly on top of things.”

How They Dealth With The Unexpected

“This was a tough project with extremely tight timescales, but even the usual unexpected issues which in this case hit in the second phase didn’t throw them off their stride as they simply added in more resources to compensate.”

No Sacrifice To Quality Or Standards

“Their standards were fantastic throughout, not just in the work, but in how they communicated. At every stage we had advance notice of variations with our costs known at each point.”

Declan at Shanco On Daryl Of Built Off-Site

Daryl was a dream to work with, and Built Off-Site really deliver a product which impresses the client. The headteacher Christine was glowing in her praise and visibly excited as the project unfolded.

I can see why Built Off-Site get such great press for their work. Although I personally appreciate their products, it makes such a difference when you see a customer witness a structure built modularly off-site when it comes together so quickly and smoothly on-site.

And our QA during the project was made so much easier by working with somebody as consummately professional as Daryl. I really look forward to working with them again.

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