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CASE STUDY: How Shanco Helped Modular Buildings Ltd

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A No-Nonsense Groundworks Provider Who Overcome Obstacles As They Go

Peter Pritchard was the Operations Manager for Modular Buildings Ltd on a 40-pupil modular build in Kingswood for Hull City Council. They delivered the groundworks foundations, footpaths and walkways.

“I am keen to work with Shanco again, because they delivered quality work, within a tight schedule, and most importantly, they responded to the changing needs of the client without any delays.”

“Often, it can be stop-start which is a real challenge on a project that must absolutely be completed outside of term time.”

“But the team at Shanco, Scott in particular, simply made it happen. In this case the client changed the specification of the job several times. But Scott and his team listened to the client, and responded accordingly.”

I’d Not Only Recommend Them, I’d Use Them Again

“Scott was absolutely fantastic and made our job easier – he and the whole team are the main reasons we’ll be definitely using them again. I’d recommend Shanco wholeheartedly.”

“We worked within budget, and the variances requested by the client were all approved as we progressed.”

Scott On Peter

“Working with Peter was a pleasure. He and his team are a professional outfit, and because of that, we were able to work together even when the goalposts moved to ensure a great job within budget and on time. We would love to work with them again.”

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