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News: Foundation rebuild for Naylor Concrete

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One of the Structural Engineers we work with – Andrew Rimmington at ARC – put us forward for a project with Naylor Concrete.

Naylors had engaged another company to lay the foundations for their new unit that was being built. However, on further inspection the job had not been altogether successful – uneven layers of concrete and irregular thickness throughout meant that the entire foundations had to be broken down and removed, before relaying the replacement foundations.

The challenges of working on a live site included dust suppression and traffic management as well as co-ordinating the timings of machinery use. We had over 50 wagon loads of concrete that were removed in the end.

While we were allocated the time schedule of a week and a half to take out the foundations, we managed it in one week flat then a further 8 weeks to lay the correct foundations for their new building.

Read about Naylors company expansion here:

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